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We're making it easier for parents everywhere to raise great kids

We founded Kinstantly to give families life-changing child development insights and practical support at every stage of parenting.  

Since we started, our stories on everything from why babies hate Tummy Time to why kids love forts have been shared by hundreds of thousands of moms and dads around the world. And our directory—filled with thousands of great providers, from doulas to teen therapists—is making it easier to find help for a wide range of challenges and needs. 

In just the past year, more than a million parents have found their way to the site—almost all of them by word of mouth. 

"amazing articles, intelligent advice, superb resources - intelligent support - thank you"

 —Emma Disney, mom, from her 5-star review of Kinstantly on our Facebook page

What's next

In 2016, we started sending out our KidNotes newsletter to give deeper, more helpful insights into your child's development, from conception to age 5...and soon, all the way up to college. 

We believe that to raise great kids, it helps to understand what's really going on at every new stage: what's behind a new, scary symptom during pregnancy; the two-month window when introducing new foods helps to create a life-long healthy eater; the simple things you can do to encourage a toddler's natural pre-math skills; why even accomplished readers want you to keep reading to them (especially at bedtime); how to keep your teen close at the very time most kids pull away. 

It can also just be fun to know that, for example, at around 10 months your baby's dry cries will turn to wet tears...and really start tugging at your heartstrings. 

As with most of life's great adventures, a map can be pretty handy. 

Our parenting philosophy 

We believe that raising great kids is one of the most important and fulfilling things any of us can do with our lives. How our kids turn out affects everything from our own happiness and theirs to what kind of world we'll all live in. 

A few key principles guide us. We believe that kids do best when we... 

  • see their growing up as a process that requires different things at different stages
  • guide them with reasonable, consistent limits
  • offer unconditional love
  • let them do what they're capable of—which is a lot
  • listen closely to what they (and our own inner voices) are telling us 
  • realize that caring for ourselves (and our closest relationships) is just as influential as how we care for them

Kinstantly won't spare you from every whack-a-mole day or sleepless night. We've found that bumps—some bigger than others—pretty much go with the territory. 

But whatever the challenges, we also think that raising a family should never be any harder than it needs to be. 

That's why we're here. 

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